Pursuant to Indiana Code § 20-26-7-37 and Indiana Code § 6-1.1-20-3.5, notice is hereby given that the Board of School Trustees of the Wawasee Community School Corporation will meet at 6:30 p.m. on August 8, 2023, at 1 Warrior Path, Syracuse, Indiana to a hold public hearing to discuss and hear objections and support regarding the proposed (i) renovation of and improvements to Wawasee High School, including the construction of new Performing Arts Center, (ii) reconstruction and/or renovation of Milford School, and (iii) renovation of and improvements to facilities in the School Corporation, including deferred maintenance improvements and site improvements, and the purchase of equipment and technology (collectively, the “Project”), and to consider the adoption of a resolution making a preliminary determination to enter into a lease agreement relating to the Project and to issue bonds to finance the Project. You are invited to attend and participate in the public hearings.

Dated July 26, 2023.
/s/ Secretary, Board of School Trustees
Wawasee Community School Corporation