The Silver Lake Town Council meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month beginning at 7:00pm. All meetings will be held at the Silver Lake Town Meeting Hall located at 604 N. Jefferson St. unless otherwise notified.

The following dates are scheduled for the year 2024:
January 10th
February 14th
March 13th
April 10th
May 8th
June 12th
July 10th
August 14th
September 11th
October 9th
November 13th
December 11th

Prompt notice will be given of any changes to the dates, times, and location of the above meetings. Further, barring emergency meetings, media outlets will be given 48 hours’ notice in advance of any scheduled meeting. Prompt notice will be given of any emergency meeting.

The listed 2024 dates should be advertised for public notification in a one-time advertisement. Proof of publication must accompany the invoice.

Thank you,
Tonya Conley
Silver Lake Clerk-Treasurer