The Tippecanoe and Chapman Regional Sewer District (“District”) is selling real property legally described as follows:
Lots Numbered 18, 19, 20 and 21 as the said Lots are known and designated on the recorded Plat of Island Park Annex, said plat being recorded in Plat Book 2, page 77 in Kosciusko County, Indiana. ALSO, an unplatted tract of land lying East and adjacent to Lot Number 18 in Island Park Annex.
Parcel Nos. 43-07-26-400-135.000-016, 43-07-26-400-103.000-016
(“Real Estate”).
Offers will be accepted by written bid pursuant to Indiana Code § 36-1-11-4. The District will accept sealed bids starting immediately. The bid acceptance will continue until February 12, 2024, concluding at 6:30 p.m. Written bids must be submitted in writing to the District at the North Webster Community Center 301 North Main Street, Room 112, North Webster, Indiana 46555 (or hand delivered to the Community Hall at the beginning of the District’s regular meeting). The minimum bid the District is permitted to consider under Indiana law is $14,000. The property may be sold to the highest bidder, who will be required to enter into a purchase agreement with the District. In addition, the District reserves the right to reject all bids. The District shall make its determination to sell the property within thirty-one (31) days following close of bidding, and all bids shall be held for that period of time. Final acceptance is contingent upon approval by the Board of Trustees of the District at a public hearing. The property will not be sold to any person who is ineligible under Indiana Code § 36-4-11-16. Any offer submitted by a trust must identify each beneficiary of the trust and each settlor empowered to revoke or modify the trust. All bids will be open to public inspection. A bidder may raise the bidder’s bid, and that raise takes effect after the Board has given written notice of that raise to the other bidders.