This is to give notice that the Town of Mentone has conducted an evaluation as required by Executive Order (11988 or 11990) in accordance with HUD regulations at 24 CFR 55.20 to determine the potential affect that its activity in the (floodplain or wetland) will have on the environment. The Town of Mentone has determined that there is not a practicable alternative other than locating the proposed Community Development Block Grant project described below in a (floodplain/wetland).

The Mentzer Park enhancement project will occur within a floodplain due to the park’s location along both sides of the Yellow Creek. However, all work will be conducted above the base flood elevation. The pavilion/restroom will be situated in the highest ground in the park, farthest away from the creek, and well above the base flood elevation. IDEM and IDNR have confirmed that no permitting or mitigation is necessary for the project, as there are no adverse effects to the floodplain.

By publication of this notice Grantee Town of Mentone is inviting any final written comments prior to undertaking the proposed action. All comments should be addressed to Olivia Nix at 227 W Jefferson Blvd South Bend, IN 46501 or email, not later than April 25, 2024.

Name of the Applicant’s CEO: Jill Gross
Title of Certifying Officer: Town Council President
Name of Applicant: Town of Mentone