Invitation for bids pursuant to Indiana Code Section 5-22-7-2

Notice is hereby given that the Kosciusko County Assessor’s Office, city of Warsaw, Indiana, invites bids for data collection services that, as set forth in Indiana Code Section 6-1.1-31.5-1 et seq.

SPECIFICALLY, The County Assessor is soliciting data collection bids, working with our current software, for assessing commercial and industrial properties. Contractual terms and conditions that apply to the contract are set forth in State Form 55931 found on the DLGF website. The time for submitting bids begins, August 24, 2022 at 100 W. Center St., Room 220, Warsaw IN 46580. Specifications are on file and available at the Office of the Kosciusko County Assessor, 100 W. Center St., Room 209, Warsaw, IN between the hours of eight (8:00) am and four thirty (4:30) pm Monday through Friday. The bid must be accompanied by evidence of financial responsibility in accordance with rules or policies of Kosciusko County.

The Board of Commissioners and the Kosciusko County Assessor reserve the right to accept or reject any bids.

The bid may be withdrawn by written request prior to the opening of bids. The close of bids will be on September 7, 2022 at 9:00 am.