Property owners, ratepayers, and other interested parties in or served or to be served by the waterworks of the Town of Pierceton, Indiana, are hereby notified that Ordinance No. 2022-10-4, amending the rates and charges for services to be rendered by the waterworks, was introduced at a meeting of the Pierceton Town Council held on October 10, 2022. At a meeting of the Town Council to be held at 6:30 p.m. on November 14, 2022, at the Pierceton Community Building, 105 Walnut Street, Pierceton, IN, there will be a public hearing on the matter of the rates and charges, and consideration of adoption of said Ordinance No. 2022-10-4, which provides in part as follows:

Whereas, it is necessary for the Town to make adjustments to rates and charges due to the repeal of the utility receipts tax per HEA 1002-2022 by the general assembly:

Section 1. Rates and Charges: There are hereby established for the use of and the service rendered by the Waterworks System of the Town of Pierceton the following rates and charges, based on the use of water supplied by said Waterworks System, which shall be charged, effective with the February 28 billing cycle which is for water use from January 15 to February 15, 2023, for the use of and the service rendered by the Waterworks System of the Town of Pierceton:

(a)              Monthly Rate per 1,000 Gallons
Metered Consumption Phase II Phase III
Per Month Effective 1/1/2023 Effective 1/1/2024
First 3,333 gallons $9.36 $9.55
Next 6,667 gallons 7.76 7.92
Next 6,667 gallons 6.04 6.16
Next 20,000 gallons 4.45 4.54
Next 233,333 gallons 3.33 3.40
Over 270,000 gallons 2.75 2.81
(b) Minimum Charge Per Month

Each user shall pay a minimum monthly charge in accordance with the following applicable size of meter installed, which charge shall be applicable if the monthly charge for use is less than this minimum charge, and which minimum monthly charge takes into consideration the minimum overhead expense of the Town that exists with respect to each user in maintaining and providing billing, the cost of maintaining a system to have available the quantity of water that can be used through such a line, including but not limited to the cost of maintaining lines within the Town, and the cost of billing, collecting, and accounting for payments made by the user, which minimum monthly charges are as follows:

Minimum Charge Per Month
Phase II Phase III
Meter Size Effective 1/1/2023 Effective 1/1/2024
5/8-3/4” $22.25 $22.70
1” 37.15 37.90
1-1/4” 55.60 56.70
1-1/2” 74.10 75.60
2” 111.00 113.20
3” 221.95 226.40
4” 332.95 339.60
6” 506.00 516.10

(c) Rate Per Annum

Fire Protection Phase II Phase III
Charges Effective 1/1/2023 Effective 1/1/2024
1. Hydrant Rental
Municipal Hydrants
– Per Hydrant $851.65 $868.70
Private Hydrants
– Per Hydrant 1,065.90 1,087.20

2. Sprinkler Connections
4” Fire Line $511.00 $521.20
6” Fire Line 1,153.50 1,176.55
8” Fire Line 2,052.10 2,093.15
10” Fire Line 3,205.30 3,269.40

(d) Tap Charge

A tap charge shall be collected from each customer prior to connection to the water system. The charge shall be an amount sufficient to reimburse the Town for the labor, material and overhead necessary for tapping a main to the property line (including the curb stop) and the cost of furnishing and installing a suitable water meter, provided however, that in no event shall a charge for such connection be less than $1,500.00, unless all materials and installation are obtained and made by the customer, with the consent of the waterworks, in which event the tap charge shall be $500.00 plus the cost of the meter. All water meters become and remain the property of the waterworks once installed, whether purchased by the customer or the Town.

(e) Temporary Users

Water furnished to temporary users, such as contractors, etc., shall be charged on the basis of the metered rates hereinbefore set forth as estimated and established by the Waterworks Superintendent.

(f) Collection and Deferred Payment Charge

All bills for water services not paid within fifteen (15) days from the due date thereof, as stated in such bills, shall be subject to the collection or deferred payment charge of ten percent (10%) of the first $3.00 and three percent (3%) on the excess over $3.00. In the event of legal action to collect an unpaid water bill, the user shall pay the reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by the Town.

(g) Deposit

Any person or entity applying for water service shall, prior to such service being furnished, pay to the Waterworks System a deposit, which deposit shall be held by the Waterworks without interest obligation to the user, and which deposit, upon termination of water service to the user, shall be applied to any amount owed to the Waterworks for rates and charges, and the balance then remaining after such application, shall be returned to the user, and which deposit shall be in the following amount, to-wit:
DEPOSIT AMOUNT: Three (3) times minimum monthly charge rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.
When a user, has for a continuous period of five (5) years, paid each monthly water user charge when due, the user shall be entitled to a refund of that user’s deposit.

(h) Returned Check Charge

There will be a charge in the amount of $25.00 assessed to the consumer for each check which is returned to the town for non-sufficient funds.

(i) Reconnection Charge

When utility service is discontinued for nonpayment, such service shall not be reinstated until a $25.00 reconnection fee is paid to the Town. In addition, the customer will pay all delinquent charges before the water will be reconnected.

(j) Turn On/Off Fee

There will be a $25.00 charge assessed to the consumer for turning utility service on and off.

(k) Inspection Fee

There will be a $25.00 charge assessed to the consumer for inspection of all connections to the municipal water utility including replacement of existing connections.

(l) System Development Charge

A system development charge shall be collected from each customer prior to connection to the Waterworks System based on meter size as follows:

Meter Size Meter Ratio Charge
5/8-3/4” 1.0 $500.00
1” 2.5 1,250.00
1-1/4” 4.0 2,000.00
1-1/2” 5.0 2,500.00
2” 8.0 4,000.00
3” 15.0 7,500.00
4” 25.0 12,500.00
6” 50.0 25,000.00

At such hearing and prior to final adoption of said Ordinance, all interested parties may appear and be heard. A copy of Ordinance No. 2022-10-4 may be examined at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer, at the Pierceton Community Building, 105 Walnut Street, Pierceton, Indiana 46562.

Dated this 10th day of October, 2022.
Myra Mast, Clerk-Treasurer
Town of Pierceton