The Board of Directors of the Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District are inviting potential candidates for membership on the Board of Directors of the Conservancy District to file nominating petitions pursuant to I.C. 14-33-5-3. The Directorship position serving Directorship area 2 will be voted upon at the calendar year 2023 annual meeting of the Conservancy District. This directorship position is currently held by Incumbent Board Member Jim Silcox and will be voted upon for a full four-year term on the Governing Board.

Any candidate for this position must be a freeholder from within the boundaries of the Directorship Area 2 and must be qualified by knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to the development of the Conservancy District. This candidate may also be a nominee of a Trust or a corporate freeholder.

Anyone interested in seeking this position must file a nominating petition at the office of the Conservancy District located at 11586 N. State Road 13, Syracuse, Indiana before November 30, 2022. The petition must be signed by at least five (5) freeholders from directorship area 1. Nominating petitions that are mailed are valid if delivered or postmarked (private postage meter postmarks will not be accepted) before November 30, 2022 if the envelope has sufficient United States Postage and is addressed to the Conservancy District, PO Box 548, Syracuse, Indiana.
Board of Directors