Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of Kosciusko County, Indiana, that the County Council of said County will meet at the Kosciusko County Courthouse, 100 W. Center Street, 3rd Floor Courtroom, Warsaw, Indiana at 6:00 PM on December 8, 2022 to consider the following additional appropriations in excess of the budget for the current year:
County General – Maintenance
    1000-34003-000-0006 Gas/Electric $43,000.00
County General – Coroner
    1000-31013-000-0010 X-Ray & Lab Expenses $50,000.00
County Health
    1159-21017-000-0000 Personal Health Care Supplies $5,000.00
    1159-21018-000-0000 Supplies Env. Health $2,300.00
    1159-32001-000-0000 Telephone $1,500.00
    1159-32002-000-0000 Postage $710.00
    1159-32004-000-0000 Meetings & Travel Exp $1,300.00
Supplemental Public Defender Services
    1200-31088-000-0043 Public Defender Services $14,500.00
American Rescue Plan (ARP)
    8950-38046-000-0000 ARP KSS ADA Compliant Van $60,582.00
    8950-38047-000-0000 ARP KCCC Communications Radio $25,000.00
    8950-38048-000-0000 ARP Mentone FWAS Radios $29,465.00
    8950-38049-000-0000 ARP FM Shelter Security/Laundry $158,874.00
    8950-38050-000-0000 ARP HVAC Repairs $67,708.00
Court Reform Grant
    9112-22024-000-0000 Equipment $6,000.00

Taxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have a right to be heard. The additional appropriations when finally approved will be referred to the Local Government Board of Finance. The Board will make a written determination as to the sufficiency of funds to support the appropriations made within fifteen (15) days of receipt of a certified copy of the action taken.
Michelle Puckett, Auditor
Kosciusko County