The Syracuse – Wawasee Area Ministerial Association (PO Box 544, Syracuse, IN 46567) is seeking a permit for a Boat – In Worship Service pursuant to 312 IAC 5-3-3, and is giving public notice. This permit will not authorize a boat race. The event will be located along the east shore of the Oakwood Inn and Conference Center, and project out into the lake approximately 500 feet. The Boat-In will take place on Sundays from May 28, 2023, through September 3. 2023.

Options available to person notified are (A) file a petition with the central office of the division requesting an informal hearing that is signed by at least twenty-five individuals who are at least eighteen years old and who reside in Kosciusko County; or (B) Request the division to notify the person in writing when an initial determination is made to issue or deny the permit. Following the receipt of notice under this clause, the person may request administrative review by the commission.