Property owners and other interested parties in the Town of Syracuse, Indiana (the “Town”), are hereby notified that a Rate Ordinance, increasing the rates and charges for water services was introduced at a meeting of the Town Council of the Town (the “Council”) on August 15, 2023. A public hearing of the Council will be held at 7:15 p.m., local time, on September 19, 2023, at Town Hall, 310 North Huntington Street, Syracuse, Indiana, on the matter of the rates and charges. Immediately following the public hearing the Council will convene and may consider the adoption of said ordinance.

The Rate Ordinance provides for an increase in rates and charges as set forth in Exhibit A.

At such public hearing and prior to final adoption of the Rate Ordinance, all interested parties may appear and be heard. In the event of adoption of the Rate Ordinance, the users of the water service located outside the corporate limits of the Town may be entitled to petition the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission under IC 8-1.5-3-8.3 to review and adjust the rates and charges imposed on the users if a petition under IC 8-1.5-3-8.2 or under IC 36-9-23-26.1 is filed. The complete text of proposed Rate Ordinance is on file and available for examination and copying at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer located at Town Hall, 310 North Huntington Street, Syracuse, Indiana, during regular business hours, and will be available at the public hearing.

Dated August 31, 2023.