The Town of Mentone is proposing to expend federal funds in an area that is subject to flooding as identified by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (or wetland, if applicable). The subject funds are Community Development Block Grant funds administered by the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds dispersed in the latest federal stimulus bill signed by the President of the United States.

This notice is required by Section 2(a)(4) of Executive Order 11988 for Floodplain Management, and by Section 2(b) of Executive Order 11990 for the Protection of Wetlands, and is implemented by HUD Regulations found at 24 CFR 55.20(b) for the HUD action that is within and/or affects a floodplain or wetland.

The Town of Mentone is proposing to undertake the following activities in the area.

The proposed project, known as the Mentzer Park Enhancements Project, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at improving community well-being and recreational opportunities within the Mentzer Park area. Located in the southwest corner of town, Mentzer Park is slated for various upgrades and enhancements to promote safety, inclusivity, and outdoor activities for residents.

Specific project activities include:
• Upgrading park amenities such as playground equipment, basketball courts, and pedestrian bridges.
• Constructing a new pavilion to serve as a communal space for gatherings and events.
• Implementing sidewalks and improving parking facilities for enhanced accessibility and visitor mobility.

In total, the project area encompasses approximately 7.8 acres, with a portion of the activities planned within designated floodplain and wetland areas. The project seeks to address diverse recreational needs while adhering to regulatory requirements and permits related to the proposed activities of this project.

The purpose of this notice is to give an early opportunity for interested agencies, persons or groups to comment on the proposed action(s). The town will consider any feasible alternatives or adjustments to the anticipated project which might minimize any potential adverse effects upon the floodplain/wetland as a result of the project.

The town has additional information concerning this project available for public review and copying, upon request, at Mentone Town Hall 201 W. Main St., Mentone, IN 46539. Should town offices be closed, additional information concerning this project may be available by U.S. mail to 227 West Jefferson Boulevard, 1120 County-City Building, South Bend, Indiana 46601 or email to Any comments relative to this proposed expenditure of federal funds in an area identified as a flood hazard/wetland area should be submitted in writing to Town of Mentone – Mentzer Park Project, 227 W. Jefferson Boulevard, 1120 County-City Building, South Bend, Indiana 46601 on April 4th, 2024.

Jill Gross
Town Council President
Town of Mentone