On April 4, 2024, Duke Energy Indiana, LLC filed a Petition with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (“Commission”) in Cause No. 46038 respectfully petitioning the Commission for authority pursuant to Ind. Code    8-1-2-42.7 and 8-1-2-61 to modify its rates and charges for electric utility service through a multi-step rate implementation of new rates and charges using a forecasted test period; approval of new schedules of rates and charges, general rules and regulations, and riders; approval of revised electric depreciation rates applicable to its electric plant in service, and approval of regulatory asset treatment upon retirement of the Company’s last coal-fired steam generation plant; approval of an adjustment to the Company’s FAC Rider to track coal inventory balances; and approval of necessary and appropriate accounting relief, including authority to defer to a regulatory asset expenses associated with the Edwardsport Carbon Capture and Sequestration Study, defer to a regulatory asset costs incurred to achieve organizational savings, and authority to defer to a regulatory asset or liability, as applicable, all calculated income tax differences resulting from future changes in income tax rates.

Duke Energy Indiana, LLC
By: Stan C. Pinegar, President